2018 Goals

Can you believe it’s now 2018? I feel like 2017 flew by and here we are in the new year, setting new goals and going on new adventures. The start of 2018 hasn’t been the best one for me so far, I aimed to be more productive and get stuff done, but I became ill and spent the first week of 2018 in bed. Anyone else had this flu yet? 2017 was a big year for me, I turned 21, graduated from university and traveled more than ever – I have high hopes for 2018 so here are my goals and travel plans for the year ahead.

Personal Goals… 
  • Be more productive – Actually get stuff done on my days off instead of staying in bed and watching Gilmore girls.
  • Have more motivation – This one goes hand in hand with my first goal, being productive means I am more motivated to do things.
  • Save money and spend less – This has been working so far, I’ve resisted the urge of spending for no reason.

Business Goals… 
  • Set up freelance business – This year I would love to become self-employed and to start my makeup freelance business. Any tips on this would be more than welcome.
  • Collab more – I want to collab with more likeminded people this year so other MUA’S, photographers and models feel free to message me if you want to collab more this year.
  • Enhance photography skills – I am always learning and my photography style needs an update. Youtube vids here I come.


Fitness Goals… 
  • Dance more – I want to start dancing again because I miss it a lot.
  • Start running – Before Christmas I started doing the couch to 5k and I aim to start this back up again this year.


Kikki K Travel Wallet

I got this travel wallet for Christmas and absolutely love it. I have a few travel plans for this year and can’t wait to take it with me. It has a beautiful baby pink leather cover with individual components inside.

Travel Goals…

In a couple of months I am heading to Tokyo for my first trip of the year. I’ve never been to that part of the world and I am really excited to explore. Im travelling on my own (more on this in a separate blog post) so this Kikki k wallet is going to be super handy at keeping everything organised.

I want to go back to New York this year and with Virgin having their sale on I am very tempted to book another trip sooner. New York is wonderful and has stolen my heart many times. I dream of going back. Ever the creature of habit, I love revisiting my favourite places, making new memories and reminiscing on old ones. Paris is also a place that has stole my heart and I always dream of jumping on the Eurostar at any minute.

This year I want to travel to new places and explore more of the world. Lisbon is on that list of places I would love to visit, it looks truly beautiful and picturesque. Also Barcelona and Madrid are on my travel list.

I would also love to travel with my job more this year, doing makeup in many different countries has been a life long dream of mine and I hope this year I can start to build relationships that allow me to do this.

What are your 2018 plans? Have you visited any of the places I long to visit?

Luc x


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