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Mandara Spa Bali Santi Collection*

Over the years I have come to realise that having a tan, natural or fake, everything feels put together and I feel a lot more confident. However we’ve all been there where our tan isn’t what we’d hoped for, patchy ankles, orange hands, you know how it goes. While having a tan can make you feel more comfortable and confident, bad tans can have the reverse effect. Prepping your skin before you reach for that bottle of tanning goodness is absolute essential. I’ve had years of practice using a self-tanner, therefore I have put together a few tips and tricks to prevent those streaky tans. These tips also adhere to natural tans, so be sure to prep your skin before you jet off to a hot country to soak up the sun.

I was recently very kindly gifted the new summer Bali Santi range from Mandara Spa*. The whole collection smells like a holiday and I am obsessed with their glistening body oil.

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  1. Exfoliate. My mum used to tell me how important this step was but I never used to like the feel of a body scrub, however I can not live without one now. Exfoliating gets rid of any dead skin cells, any uneven texture and makes skin appear smoother. The Mandara Spa Bali Santi Smoothing Body Polish* is really nourishing. It moisturises the skin as well as exfoliating the dead skin cells.
  2. Cleanse. Use a shower gel to cleanse the extra exfoliating beads off the body and add moisture back into the skin.
  3. Moisturise. Moisturising is just as important as exfoliating. I know that moisturising the whole body can be boring and a task that not many people like to do, however once you get into a good routine it becomes second nature. Mandara Spa have two body moisturisers; Firming Body Lotion* and Nourishing Body Milk*. I like to use the firming body lotion on my legs as its richer than the milk. I use the nourishing body milk on my arms and the rest of my body. I like to moisturise just before I apply a false tanner because it prevents patches and allows the tan to sink into the skin better. I focus the moisturiser on my ankles, knees, wrists and elbows.

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Have you tried anything from the Bali Santi range?


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