Cover FX Natural Finish Oil Free Foundation

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Cover FX is a brand that I’ve wanted to try for ages now and thanks to Jaclyn Hill’s persuasive ways, their Natural Finish Oil Free Foundation* was at the top of my wish list. When I had the opportunity to try this foundation I was very excited to see what all the fuss was about.

I was very kindly sent two shades to try, N25* and G20*. Both shades are in fact perfect for my skin tone, recently I have been mixing the two shades together to get a warmer tone but I reach for the shade G20 the most. Cover FX offer a wide variety of shades, they’ve sectioned them into pink tones, Neutral tones and Golden tones (thats where the N and G come from). There are 40 shades in total, 10 pink tones, 16 Neutrals and 14 Golden tones, these can be viewed on the Cover Fx website here.

Top-Bottom: G20, N25

Screen Shot 2016-02-04 at 20.23.54I finally have a review for you, after trying the foundation multiple times with different primers, powders and brushes. I tried this foundation out with different primers because I wanted to see how it would sit on my skin, and wanted to know the best way to use this foundation.

Cove FX say that this foundation is “A hydrating, water-based liquid foundation which provides a long-wear natural finish while nourishing the skin with anti-aging benefits and oil-free hydration”. 

1. Makeup Forever Hydrating PriScreen Shot 2016-02-03 at 15.34.39mer and Beauty Blender.

My skin is dehydrated but also combination. The Makeup Forever Hydrating Primer is my go-to primer, I use this everyday so I had to try it out with this foundation too. I have also become obsessed with using a beauty blender or beauty sponge to apply my foundation recently, it gives an almost airbrushed finish as it picks up excess product on the face.

I found that this foundation has a semi-matte finish, therefore this combination of primer and beauty blender allows my skin to feel hydrated and natural.

Luminosity, hydrating and dewy are what I look for when choosing foundations, I like a base that is medium-full coverage and that offers hydration and glow. Therefore I find that having a hydrating primer underneath an oil free foundation, allows my skin to feel nourished yet looking flawless with a full coverage base.


2. Hourglass Primer and Cover FX Custom Blending brush*.

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I’ve have had a tiny sample of the Hourglass primer in my stash for ages so I thought i’d give it a go and try it out with this foundation. I liked the foundation with the MUFE primer, however with the hourglass primer I found that the foundation sat on top of my skin, instead of sinking in to give a natural finish. I found that with this primer it made the foundation slide across my face and throughout the day I could really feel the foundation sitting on my skin. I really wouldn’t recommend using the hourglass primer with this foundation because it doesn’t sit right on my skin.

However the Cover FX Custom Blending brush* gives a flawless, full coverage base. The long tapered brush handle allows you to really work the brush in buffing motions to blend the product into the skin. At first I thought this brush would be too dense and compact and I do still find it hard to work with. I’m used to a blending brush where the bristles move loosely and freely, whereas with this brush the bristles are really compact together so I find it hard work to blend. However I think that this brush would be good to blend in cream contour or to build up certain areas that need more coverage. I’ll be adding this to my makeup kit for sure.

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3. Josie Maran Argan Oil Light and Beauty Blender.

This is my favourite combination. I have been adding a couple of drops of my fave beauty oil; Josie Maran Argan oil light. As the Cover FX natural finish foundation* is Oil Free I like to add a beauty oil to the mix because it adds luminosity and a glow to the overall finish. It also thins out the product a little more which then makes it easier to apply.

Beauty Blenders are my favourite tool to apply this foundation with, it picks up any excess product meaning I don’t over do it with the amount of product I put on my face. Although this foundation is a medium-full coverage and can be build able, using a beauty blender it allows me to control the amount of product I want to apply and what coverage to go for. It works wonders at picking up excess product if you think you’ve applied too much.

This is my favourite combination for using this foundation, the oil gives it a lighter texture and the beauty blender allows more control over the product.

I think that the Cover FX Custom Infusion drops would be an ideal alternative to the beauty oil, the hydrating and radiance ones are defiantly going on my wishlist.

Brushes Screen Shot 2016-02-03 at 14.33.28

I was also very kindly sent two of the Cover FX Brushes to try. I have the Powder brush (£32)* and the Custom blending brush (£32)*.

Powder Brush:

Cover FX say that “This full, round, dome-shaped brush is ideal for the effortless application and seamless blending of pressed and loose powders”. I have been loving this brush at applying any type of powder, loose or pressed. It picks up the right amount of product and the loose bristles move against the skin to create a flawless application. I have been using this on a few of my clients and it apply powder like a dream on everyone. Again, I will be adding this to my makeup kit.

Custom Blending Brush:

Cover FX say that this brush is “A short, dense dome-shaped brush to provide effortless control and seamless blending of customized formulas created with Custom Cover Drops”. As I mentioned above, I find that this brush is too dense to work in the liquid foundation however with the Custom Cover Drops I think that this will be easier to use.

Overall I am pleased with this foundation, I think that it will be a foundation that I add to my makeup kit because I think it is a great all rounder, especially mixed with different primers or oils to suit different skin types.

Have you tried anything from Cover FX?

That contour palette and Custom Cover Drops are next on my wish list.


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