A New Blogging Schedule

If you’re a regular reader of What Lucy Loves you would have noticed that I didn’t put up a blog post yesterday, this is because I am changing my blogging schedule. On the 7th of August I launch my second blog over at lucyatucb.wordpress.com this is where I will talk about being a student and what it’s like to study at University College Birmingham. As this is part of my university they would like us to post every Friday.
In an ideal world i’d love to keep my WLL blogging schedule the same but putting up two posts for two different blogs every Friday realistically won’t happen. So I have changed the days around slightly here on WLL, to give myself some breathing time between blogs. 
I will be putting up blog posts every Monday and Saturday at 9am here on WLL and on the odd Wednesday when I feel I have a perfect balance between the two. And on Fridays over on my university blog. 
Feel free to go over and follow me on my second blog.
Thanks for reading, 
don’t forget to come back on Monday for my July favourites. 
Lucy xxx

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