The Sunday Post | Long Train Journeys

On Thursday I travelled to Birmingham for an interview and although I’m used to getting trains too and from Birmingham, this one was especially long. The original 45 minute train was 1 hour and 15 minutes from Nottingham. 
I brought a book with me to read on the train and kept myself entertained with a good playlist and coffee. 
Alexa Chung IT, is a book i’ve had for a while now and I love it because you can just pick it up whenever and start reading from any page. I had already started reading this book when I first got it but hadn’t picked it up for a while. It’s a beautiful, well written, inspiration book and I adore it. 
You can view my playlist on spotify. It has a mixture of chart music, the pitch perfect 2 soundtrack (because I’m obsessed) and good ol’ Mumford and Sons. 

How do you keep yourself distracted on long journeys? 
Thank you for reading, 
Lucy xxx

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