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When it comes to piercings I only have my ears pierced but I would love to get more (belly button and the second piercing on my ears). I go through phases of wearing earrings, sometimes I wear them constantly and love choosing different ones to wear each day, or I won’t wear any for months. When The Body Jewellery Shop sent me a few of their earrings I was so excited to start wearing them again. 
The Body Jewellery Shop is an online store which sells a range of body piercings, from earrings to nose studs, to tongue bars. As for earpiercing jewellery they sell a wide variety, it can be hard to choose from. 
These large round clear gem earrings (£1.99)* are perfect for everyday wear and special occasions. I’ve had many compliments whilst wearing these earrings because they sparkle so much and add something different to my look. They are a definite staple piece for earring wearers and for an affordable price too. 
The sterling silver adds sparkle and shine to any outfit, especially when the sun shines against it. I have been wearing these everyday since I received them and I can see them becoming a staple piece in my jewellery collection. 
This pair are smaller than the first ones and they are a light shade of pink. The square pink earrings (£1.99)* are also a beautiful everyday staple piece, the shade of pink adds colour to any outfit. I have also received compliments whilst wearing these ones too because they twinkle in the sunlight and catch everyones attention. 
Both of the pairs are something that I would usually wear on an everyday basis and I can’t wait to wear these when I go on holiday and for special occasions. 
At £1.99 both pairs are affordable and The Body Jewellery Shop offer free world wide shipping with orders over £10. 
Would you wear these earrings? 
Thanks for reading, 
Lucy xxx
*PR Sample 


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