What’s In My Bag

I have recently brought a new bag that I use daily, I got it in the Topshop sale and I love it. I normally carry around a massive tote-like bag which I fill with things I don’t really need everyday so I thought it was time to down-size and this was the perfect size. 

As for my essentials, I have my notebook for on the go blogging ideas, I also have a couple of pens in there too. Other essentials such as hair grips, bobbles, headphones and my Michael Kors purse are always in my bag. I can never go anywhere without my Cath kidston card holder which normally holds my Oyster card, rail card and my bus card. 
If i’m going out for a long day I will normally pack in my iPad to save my battery on my phone, I have the iPad mini and I adore it, it is essentially just a bigger version of my iPhone; which is something that is ALWAYS in my bag, I have the iPhone 5 with a very old and battered Cath Kidston phone case on it. I recently brought myself a pink Juice cube (£24.95) which is a travel phone charger, you charge up the cube before you leave the house and then throughout the day if your phone runs out of battery you can easily charge it -If you have your cable of course.

Also I keep a few makeup items in here for retouches throughout the day. My trusty makeup forever full coverage concealer (£22.95)-which is also waterproof. Maybeline fit me powder (£5.99), this has a mirror in it to which is why I carry it around with me. 
Of course, I have a wide variety of lip products floating around at the bottom of my bag. Nuxe rev de miel lip balm (£9.50), Soar lipliner by Mac (£12.50), Nars Audacious lipstick in Anna (£24) and Mac Velvet Teddy Lipstick (£15.50). I don’t have that many lip products I just like to have a variety of products so I have choice. 
Thats all I have in my bag, a lot huh? 
What do you carry in your bag?
Thanks for reading, 
Lucy xxx 

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