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Heal Gel (£37.50) // The Body Shop Vitamin E Face Mist (£8.50)
A couple of weeks ago I had a bit of an accident where I fell over and sadly landed on my face. I scraped my chin, nose, and cheek and above my lip; I can now wear makeup and I have started my skincare routine again with a couple of new additions. At the moment my skin is very dry and probably dehydrated from the lack of products and care but normally I have normal skin with the odd dry patches.
It sounds horrible but with the new skin that has started to form and heal, my skin is still raw in a few places so I have to be careful what products I use. A recent trip to Space NK to ask the lovely women who work there for their advice I came away with a bottle of Heal Gel intensive. The women recommended it to me because it soothes, repairs and protects which is defiantly what I need. I’ve been using Heal Gel just over a week now and I can already see visible changes in my skin. It’s a lot less red and the skin has started to heal.  

I’ve been doing my research and vitamin E in supposedly really good for the skin to help heal and soothe the skin. The body shop Vitamin E face mist has been a life saver these past few weeks. I spray it all over my face day and night as part of my skincare routine, I also use this to make my beauty blender damp to blend in my concealer and it’s just amazing. This spray is also great for those who have sensitive/ or dehydrated skin because it soaks into the skin flawlessly and is really refreshing. 
Have you tried any of these products? 

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