Paris Haul

As promised, here is my Paris Haul. 4 weeks ago I went to Paris for a couple of days, you can read more about my trip here. I picked up a few things on my travels, I also picked up a few things as christmas presents for myself from family members, which can be seen in my What I Got For Christmas post
Bioderma: I picked up too 500ml bottles of Bioderma because I love it, getting it in the UK is quite the challenge and paying for postage can sometimes be expensive so stocking up on the stuff whilst in Paris was a must. I also picked up another pack of two for my friend who really wanted to try it but didn’t want to pay a lot for it. 
Nuxe Rev de Miel lip balm: I have wanted to try this lip balm for ages now, but in the UK it’s about £10 and personally I think that is too expensive to pay for a lip balm, when you can get vaseline for a couple of pounds. But now I know how amazing this stuff is, I will probably end up paying £10 to repurchase it. In Paris however this stuff is about half the price, defiantly worth the splurge though.  
La Roche-Posay Effaclar Duo [+]: Again, I have wanted this for a long time but paying UK prices never made me want it bad enough. Seeing it in Paris for about half the price I was more tempted to try it. I am loving it so far, I have been using this everyday on my ‘problem’ areas and I am starting to see a difference with scaring and spots etc. Really enjoying this product. 
Sephora Pro Flawless airbrush #56 brush: There is a lot of hype around Sephora brushes and I wanted to try one for myself, I picked up the pro flawless airbrush number 56 brush and I use this for foundation or concealer. It is super soft, and does as it says it gives a flawless application to the skin. 
Have you ever been to Paris? 
Thanks for reading, 
Lucy xxx

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