Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 Camera

After having a black fujifilm wide 210 (£65) polaroid camera for some time now I wanted to get a smaller version so I can easily travel with it. I got this pink mini 8 camera (£63) for christmas and have been using it a lot since.
The instax mini is a polaroid-style camera that create instant photographs which develop in seconds. For the camera to work you do have to purchase extra film to fill it up with, I normally get mine from amazon, you can get 2 pack’s of 10 ‘shots’ for (£16.99). You could probably get film cheaper but I can get them on amazon prime so it comes next day. 
I find that these cameras are so easy to use, I hardly use the different settings I just fill it up with film and take the picture. I love having little print outs of memories which I can save and put in a scrapbook or put up around my room. The photographs that it produces are really high quality, it also has an auto flash system which makes the images sharp and clear. The film is small but compared to my wide 210 I like it. 
The camera itself is well worth the money and I would highly recommend it for photography lovers or anyone who loves to take photographs and likes instant images. These cameras are also perfect as gifts for friends (or yourself). 
Will you be purchasing an Instax camera? 
Thanks for reading, 
Lucy xxx 

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