What’s On My Skincare Shelf?

The shelf that I keep my skincare stash on isn’t all that big, so keeping a regular skincare routine is key to keeping things looking neat and not thrown together in a ‘please don’t fall off’ kinda way. I’ve wanted to do a post on what skincare products I use for ages now but I have waited until I felt comfortable with everything that I use. Before I start to explain what product I use, I should tell you what skin type I have and that I have found these products to work best on my skin, i’m not saying they will work well with everyone but for me they do wonders. I had dry to normal skin, but mostly normal. I don’t really get oily patches (apart from my eyelids on long days -weird I know) and I don’t really get that dry, but when I do it will be on my cheeks. 
I recently got the Clarisonic Mia 2 for my birthday, which I spoke about in this post. However I have been using this day and night with two different cleansers, I use the Lancome Gel Éclat cleanser at night because I find it foams up a lot more than the Clarisonic one, which I use in the mornings. These two products came with the Clarisonic, therefore I haven’t tested them for long but so far, so good. Before I use my Clarisonic however I use the Bioderma Micellaire water to take off my eye makeup, this is amazing and removes everything, even stubborn waterproof mascara and eyeliner. 
After I have cleansed my skin using my clarisonic I will sometimes reach for my pixi glow tonic, this liquid exfoliant is a great gentle exfoliator, I will use this 2-3 times a week as I find it to be quite harsh after I have used my clarisonic but by mid-week I like to start using it to get rid of any dead skin or dry areas. I sometimes find the pixi glow tonic to be quite drying so I use the Estee Lauder Day Wear moisturiser at night because I find it to be too thick for my skin during the day but perfect for the evenings. 
As I stated above that I have dryish skin I like to use gel products instead of creamy thick products. The Origins GinZing moisturiser (review here) works so well on my skin, I have repurchased this twice now as it has become my go-to moisturiser. If you know of any good gel moisturisers, please let me know. As well as the GinZing moisturiser I have been using the GinZing eye cream, this really brightens up my eye area and makes applying concealer a lot smoother. Highly recommend both of these products. 
Lastly I have fallen in love with the Kiehl’s clearly corrective dark spot solution, I used to have a lot of spot scaring on my chin but after using this it has cleared up so much, I could not be without this product. It is quite pricey but I have had this for quite some time now and I still have more than half left. Also to get rid of spots I use the Origins Spot remover, this is magic in a bottle. Once applied it does sting but then over night it magically gets rid of the spots you have used it on, seriously love this stuff. 
I hope you’ve found this post helpful.
Thanks for reading, 
Lucy xxx

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