Duty Free Purchases

As you may know, I went on holiday a couple of weeks ago and a trip to any airport would not be complete without buying a few cheeky duty free items. I still had a lot of my Turkish Lira left so I brought a few products that I was eyeing up on the way over. 
At East Midlands airport on the way to Turkey I wanted to buy myself the Dior skin nude bb creme, but being as I was likely to get a tan I promised myself that If I still wanted it on the flight back I could get it (In my tanned shade of course). I have been using this nearly everyday since my holiday and even though my tan has faded a bit on my face, the shade 003 is still an ok shade for me. This bb creme gives enough coverage without being a foundation and I love the glow it gives my skin. 
Whilst away on holiday I took a sample of the Chanel Les Beige all-in-one healthy glow fluid in the shade 30. I got this one in my tanned shade as well because I loved the finish of it, It makes my skin look radiant and glowy which is what I always look for in foundations. -Full review coming soon. 
Before I got to the tills I spotted the L’Occitane shower oil and after hearing Vivianna Does Makeup rave about it so much I just had to pick it up for myself. I have used it a couple of times since and I love the effect it leaves on my skin, it gives a healthy glow from within on my skin and leaves it feeling so soft. 
The first thing I noticed when we landed in Turkey was that they had a duty free Victoria Secrets shop, I was then excited for the trip home where I could go crazy and buy everything. -Ok over exaggeration but I did want to buy everything- I picked up two body sprays, Strawberries and Champagne and Coconut Passion and one body lotion. I got two spays because I thought I would use them the most as body lotions just sit in my cupboard for months before I crack them out. However the Victoria Secrets body lotions are to die for, they sink into the skin so beautifully and the scent lingers on the skin for hours. I brought the scent Forbidden Vanilla and it is so lovely, I really need to stock up on more. 
I hope you have enjoyed looking at what I brought from duty free. Are you going away any time soon? 
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