What’s In My Carry On Bag?

As you may already know, I am going on holiday next week to Turkey. I thought that I would show you guys what I’m taking in my carry on bag (hand luggage), before I start I just want to say that I am a very nervous flyer so having loads to do to keep me occupied was my main priority.
I find that taking makeup products on a plane is risky because you don’t know if security will take it off you or not. As far as beauty products go I am only taking a pack of travel face wipes from the Yes To Cucumber (£1.57) range, these will allow me to take my makeup off quick and fuss free on the flight. I always have a pack of tissues in my bag, even If you don’t need them someone will. I have also packed in my This Works Stress Less rollerball (£12.00) because this really calms me down when I start to feel anxious or if I can’t sleep, I am also taking an eye mask which blocks out the light and helps you sleep a lot better (This is not photographed). My Nivea lip butter (£2.25) in vanilla and macadamia is an essential for flying because my lips can get really dry and sore. 

I tend to always carry around spare hair bands ties, especially for long journeys. –I have emergency pineapples down. I also have my sunglasses and glasses, unfortunately I have prescription sunglasses, which is why they watch my glasses.

To keep me occupied and distracted on the flight I have packed my Kindle full of books and my ipad, which has all my music and TV programs on, with my headphones. I am also going to buy some magazine at the airport to read on the flight. Obviously my purse is always in my bag, i’m not sure i’ll get very far without it. This purse is so old and dirty, I really need a new one. 
The day before I go I will pack: 
My passport
A pair of socks to keep me warm on the flight
English money and Turkish money
Phone charger
Tablets and medication
This is the bag that I am taking with me, it is a pink and black formal zip front backpack from new look (£19.99). It is really spacious and I love the style of this backpack because it’s not like your typical backpack, it’s classy and chic. 
What are your flight essentials? 
Thanks for reading, 
Lucy xxx


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