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Since starting my blog a little over a year ago, it’s only now I feel comfortable with the way I organise my time between blogging, spare time and work. I’ve always been a fairly organised person, throughout my school years I would spare a fair amount of time organising my notes, timetables, work, pens etc. I always make lists because it helps me see what needs to be done. Theres nothing more satisfying than completing a list of tick boxes. I know, i’m wild. I am a massive stationary hoarder, I used to have boxes and boxes full of notebooks; some used, some new and some very very old. It’s only now that I can say that I’m happy with my blogging routine and how I organise my time. Here are my top 3 tips for staying organised.
Write Everything Down:
I know that this may seem really obvious to some, but for others it can be a really difficult task. When I first started blogging I had so many ideas that I thought I would remember, but when it came to writing posts I couldn’t think of anything. I never used to write my ideas down, now you can’t find me without a pen and paper in hand or in my bag close by. The notes section in your phone is also a really handy tool to have, ideas can come to you at any second of the day so having somewhere to write notes is really useful. As a blogger you find that you take inspiration from anything and everything, ideas can just come to you in the middle of the night, whilst eating at your favourite restaurant or even when your in the bath. I know, sounds ridiculous but the more you stay open minded the more ideas will come to you. My main tip for coming up with ideas is to sit down for 30 minutes each week and just write as many ideas as you can down, even ones you think will be rubbish. They could end up being the ones you actual publish. I try to do this exercise once a week to get me thinking about my week of posts and it helps you stay open minded to anything.
I like to plan posts in advance because this allows me more time to do everything I need for the post. Do you need to take photographs? What do you want in the photographs? Do you need to purchase anything or do any research? Making a small tick list will help you throughout the whole planning process. I have recently started using Google Calendar to help me organise my posts, I love being able to see everything planned out in front of me. To get started I put in events like birthdays, holidays, days out etc. This allowed me to plan posts around different events and important dates. For example, I put when I’m going on holiday and I planned a few travel posts around that time.

99.9% of my posts are scheduled, I know that sounds weird but it is a really handy tool. Once my post has been edited and written up I like to set a date and time (10am) and just like blogger do all the work. If I know that i’m not going to be around the time I want to publish my post, scheduling comes in really handy, so you don’t have to worry about finding wifi somewhere or running out go 3G. Some social networking platforms let you schedule posts too, I use hoots tweet to schedule my tweets. Don’t worry I only use it to promote my blog, I never schedule a normal tweet. This is also really handy because it allows you to tweet about your newest blog post, so your followers know you have a new post up, even if your not around to do it yourself. 
Blogging is fun and by no means are these ‘rules’ you have to follow, I’m just stating my own opinion and experience about staying organised. Take these tips lightly and remember that blogging is fun, so enjoy what you do and don’t stress too much if you miss a post or you haven’t posted at the right time that day. But if you like to stay organised I hope these tips give you some ideas and help you organise your blogging time. 
Let me know if you have any extra tips, as i’m always open for more ideas to organise my blog even more. 
Thanks for reading.
Lucy xxx



  1. July 16, 2014 / 3:58 am

    Lately I've been using buffer for Twitter which schedules my tweets for me. I don't even know how I managed to keep up with updating people on posts before then because it's so handy! Some great advice 🙂

    Deb | Debra Bros Blog

  2. July 17, 2014 / 5:31 am

    Thank you very much for doing this post! It seems like a pep talk because I'm getting back into the swing of blogging now and sorting stuff out today haha! Great tips, will definitely be looking into the calendar and scheduling posts. x

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