The Sunday Post: Exhibition Night

Last Tuesday night, my college put on an exhibition for the A level art and photography students, the exhibition showcased all of the students coursework and exam work. All of the hard work payed off because the whole room was full with different installations and practical pieces. My own work was showcased, the first piece was my coursework which was a Personal Investigation, I chose to focus my piece on makeup and doing all the models makeup myself. At first I wanted to do editorial magazine shoots but it took a completely different turn and ended up being about people’s fears and phobias. The black balloons represent the fear being released, I had 8 different fears and phobias each showing a different meaning. The photographs on the floor are still life images that connect with the photographs hanging off the balloons. 
My next piece was my exam, which took 3 days (15 hours) to make. My chosen word was circles and I ended up doing a piece on the circle of life and how life goes round in circles. Each circle below has 24 images which represents 24 hours in a day, 7 circles to represent the 7 days of the week. This project was a lot different to any other project I have done before because I didn’t use the studio to take my photographs and they were all mostly still life images. 
After the exhibition, we all went out for a meal at Tamatanga. It was a really good night, our teachers also came along for a final goodbye. The meal was lovely, despite the fact i’m not keen on indian food, so I chose to have a chicken wrap and chips, this was incredibly spicy for someone who isn’t a fan of hot and spicy foods but enjoyable nevertheless. I am pleased that my photography a-level course is over because it was hard work but I am also sad because this last year has been amazing and I have made a lot of new and old friends. -Just got to wait for results now, which is always the worst bit. 
L-R: Leah, Olivia, Bethan, Me.
L-R: Mrs M-C, Leah, Olivia, Bethan, Me
I am currently in Devon for a weekend away, the weather hasn’t been too great but it’s been nice just to be away from home for a bit. Don’t forget to check back tomorrow, I’m setting myself a challenge for the month of July (similar to what I did last year) and I challenge you all to do it to. 
Thanks for reading, 
Lucy xxx

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