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When it comes to ‘handbag beauty’ I like to keep things as minimal as possible, of course this never is the case. I am forever collecting handfuls of lipsticks and lip balms, which pile up at the bottom of my bag and by the end of the week I seem to have hundreds, but hey a girls gotta have choices!
I came across this cute, medium sized black makeup/clutch bag from H&M for around £6 which is a complete bargain compared to the gorgeous Whistles one. This keeps everything super organised and separate from all of my other things in my bag.
When it comes to actual beauty bits, I only seem to use concealer throughout the day. This is what I feel wears off my face the fastest and at the moment I’m loving the Rimmel wake me up concealer in 100 ivory. This is great as a quick fix as it covers blemishes as well as hiding the dark under eye circles. A 2 in 1 product always comes in handy when trying to keep the beauty section within your bag to a minimum.
Although Im not a massive fan of applying lip balm with my fingers, at the moment I am using the Dr Lipp original nipple balm for lips. Lip balm is a definite must when I’m out and about although, after long days working, catching buses (and obviously shopping!) I can’t help but find applying it unhygienic. Suggestions on hygienic ways to apply this balm would be appreciated!
My new favourite product is the This works Stress less roller ball, it may just be psychological but I do feel this makes me feel a lot calmer when I’m stressed or anxious. I used to use this at night to help me sleep but now I find myself using it nearly everyday, I roll some on my wrists and behind my ears to ‘stress less’. Not only does it ensure I feel less stressed but it also has a calming scent, which instantly makes me feel relaxed. This is without a doubt in my handbag every day.
Youre all probably aware of my love for Mac fix + as I am forever talking about it, but it is an absolute essential product for my bag. I’ve gone through so many of these now and I’m sure that it will endlessly be re-purchased.
Like Ive stated above, I am a bit of a hygiene freak, I am obsessed with cleaning my hands and hate it when they feel grubby and dirty. I currently love the soap and glory handmaid. I stock up on my trips to boots and always ensure I have one in my bag. Hand sanitizer is a must.
Lastly I always like to keep a few hairgrips in the bottom on my bag as you never know when your going to need them. I often like to grip the front of my hair up, away from my face if I’ve had a long day. There is nothing worst than hair dangling in your face after a long day.
Id like to know what you keep in your make-up bag. Do you keep things minimal and organised or do you seem to end up having a massive bag full of makeup products?
If you would like me to do a full ‘what’s in my bag’ then let me know in the comments.
Thanks for reading,
Lucy xxx

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  1. May 18, 2014 / 6:09 am

    I love the idea of having such a cute little bag inside your handbag to store makeup bits and bobs. I tend to just let things fly free and it's definitely a good way to ruin products :/ For me my most carried products are lip balm (currently loving the Hurraw selection) and powder since I have oily skin (Rimmel Stay Matte, of course:P).

    Deb | Debra Bros Blog

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