Morning Skincare Routine

Origins Ginzing Moisturiser £23Hydraluron £16.99 Eve Lom Cleanser £55,
 Lush Lip Scrub £5.50, Kiehl’s Dark spot solution £36, Dr Lipp. Lip balm £11.50

I’ve finally found products that I know work well with my skin and have rustled up a routine that I will hopefully stick to. In the morning I like to wake my skin up and hydrate it ready for the day, I have found products that do just that.
I start by cleansing my skin, depending on how my skin is feeling when I wake up I either opt for my EveLom cleanser, which has a balm consistency but when rubbed into the skin it turns to an oil, I like this at night time also as it removes all my makeup and even stubborn mascara and eyeliner. But I also like this in the morning as it adds a subtle glow and wakes my skin up. It doesn’t feel sticky or tacky; it hydrates my skin and leaves it feeling smooth and clean. However if I feel like I don’t need a full on cleanser in the morning I get out my trusty Bioderma cleansing water, this just gives my skin a pick me up and leaves my skin feeling refreshed and hydrated.
After cleansing my skin I go straight in with Hydraluron, this adds moisture back into my skin after a good nights sleep, my skin does sometimes feel tight and tacky once this has been applied but it’s nothing a bit of moisturiser can’t fix.
Serum is next and at the moment I love Kiehl’s dark spot solution, I apply this around my chin area to clear up any spot scaring. So far this product has worked miracles on my skin, near enough all of my scars have disappeared.
To add moisture back into my skin I opt to use Origins Ginzing moisturiser, I have reviewed this product here. I personally prefer a gel formula as it hydrates my skin a lot better than a cream, I have dry skin and a gel formula sinks in and doesn’t cling onto any dry patches.
I leave my lips until last, I exfoliate them using a lipscrub from Lush, and I have the flavour bubble gum. This gets rid of dry skin and it makes my lips really soft ready to apply lip balm. My favourite lip balm is Dr Lipp original nipple balm for lips. It is really moisturising but it is quite thick, I like this lip balm because it hydrates my lips and makes them really smooth and soft.
If you want to hear what I do differently at night, leave a comment below telling me what your favourite skincare products are.
Lucy xxx


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