Origins GinZing Energy Boosting Moisturiser

Origins is a newish brand that i’ve discovered over the past couple of months. Apart from buying their Spot Remover (£14) treatment at the end of last year, I’ve not ventured deeper into the brand. I’ve read many reviews of their best selling products, often had a browse at their stand in boots and one product always stands out to me. Their GinZing Energy Boosting Moisturiser (£23) gets me drooling every time. The smell, the texture, the branding. Everything. It’s lightweight, oil-free, hydrating and packed full of ingredients to “jumpstart hydration levels” such as coffee bean and panax ginseng. 

This is a scented moisturiser but smells so fresh with a burst of citrus. It has a gel-like constancy and I personally prefer gel based products as I find them to work well with my dry-normal skin type. Once it’s been applied (baring in mind you only need a pea-size amount for the whole face) my skin has a healthy glow, giving the impression that i’ve had a full nights sleep. I apply this in the morning, after my serum but it does say that you can use this AM and PM, however I tend to use something a bit more weighty and creamier at night time, but this would work well with an oil at night. 

This is my current go-to moisturiser for the mornings, I find that my base sits nicely on top of this moisture, it’s not too greasy that my foundation slides off throughout the day. It has the right amount of glow without the grease.

Just a quick note, the fragrance won’t be for everyone, it does smell fresh and uplifting but I would say that it is a bit strong, I suggest that if your interested going to an Origins counter and asking for a sample. The staff who work for Origins are all so lovely and really helpful so don’t be shy when asking for samples. 

Have you tried anything from Origins? I’m now lusting over their GinZing Refreshing Eye Cream (£23)

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Lucy xxx

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