What Lucy Loves #2

Here’s my roundup of the best products of the week. 
I will start off with my new primer, I’m not one for wearing primers and in fact this is my first one. I thought that because I have dryish skin I don’t need an extra layer to help my makeup stay in place but this newest offering from Rimmel (£5.99) has began to change my life. -Bit dramatic but so true- It even outs my skin and even outs my pores. As it says on the tube it is a matte primer and I find this to work with any foundation. 
Origins super spot remover (£14) has been on my bedside table for the past week. I’ve used it every night and the spots I’ve been getting due to stress and lack of sleep, have magically disappeared. I am yet to try out more origins products but if its anything like the super spot remover and does what it says on the tin, it’s a winner. 
I’ve been loving Cranberry eyeshadow by Mac (£10) recently, probably because of valentines day. I’ve just been loving wearing a totally different shade to all the smokey neutrals I own. This is beautiful on it’s own or smoked out with a matte brown through the crease. 
A none beauty related item/product i’ve been loving is ‘IT by Alexa Chung’ (£11.55) I’ve been reading it before I go to sleep at night and it’s just an amazing book full of Alexa’s favourite memories and quotes etc. A definite feel good book. 
Lucy xxx

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