The Insta edit

I’ve had instagram for some time now, but recently I’ve been giving it a lot of loving’. Pretty pictures of freshly painted nails, beautifully laid out makeup, drool worthy food -I’m there scrolling and liking away. I thought it was time to share with you a few of my favourite accounts, before you know it, another hour has past and your still browsing through the same instagrammer. I follow over 400 people -told you i’m obsessed. So picking my favourites were quite the challenge, but here is a quick run down of everyone who I think is worth a follow… 
Nouvelle Daily: Run by Kate from Gh0stParties, nouvelle daily has beautiful photographs of beauty, fashion and lifestyle. I could spend hours on end scrolling through their feed, adding new products to my wish list as I go. 
Vogue Magazine: Struggling to stay on trend? Vogue magazine Instagram page has got it covered. Latest fashion show snaps and winged liner galore.
Lou Teasdale: A makeup artist on the road with an adorable baby girl called Lux. Lou wares her must have products in style, along with her on trend beauty looks and lifestyle pictures that are oh so dreamy. 
Into The Gloss: Into the gloss serves up the latest launches, the newest trends and hottest beauty picks. All photographed beautifully in the depths of New York City. *Insert heart eyed emoji* 
Alexa Chung: One of the coolest models EVER. -In my opinion. I love browsing through Alexa’s feed with a cup of tea in one hand and ‘IT’ in another. 
Buy Now, Blog Later: A stunning account run by Laura, who is a Dubai based blogger. She is the queen of OOTD pics and knows exactly which filter to add to her snaps. LOVE. 
Whilst you’re over on Instagram give my feed a look and a follow if your feeling extra nice. What Lucy Loves. 

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