The Basic Makeup Kit

Ever been in a situation where your asked to present a basic makeup kit? but you have absolutely no idea what that should include. *Raises hand* I’m going for an interview tomorrow for a place at university and I was asked to bring along a ‘basic makeup kit’. I had no idea what I should and should not take with me bit I think; after long hours of researching, that I have managed to get the basics down to a t. The one thing that I did not think would be hard to find, was the bag to store everything in. I had my heart set on a gorgeous one from Paul and Joe. But after being on the phone to Selfridges and P&J themselves I found out it had been discontinued. Bummer. I was then on the search for something oh so similar, just my luck that everything I found was either sold out, discontinued or nearly triple the price. I was beginning to loose hope a bit and just settle on using an old one my mum used to use, until I found this one in Mac. I was in the Mac store yesterday buying eyeshadows for my palette when I saw this beauty. The women in the shop was so helpful and told me she had the exact same one and that it’s amazing. It did however cost me an arm and a leg, at £46.50 the price is a little more that I had bargained for but being 2 days before my actual interview I needed it. 
What do I have in my kit? 
Naked 2 palette
Topshop gel liner
Forever 21 eyelash curlers 
Mac mascara 
Jemma Kid Mascara 
Estee Lauder double wear foundation 
Rimmel stay matte primer 
Cotton pads
3 samples of different foundations in different shades from Estee Lauder
Soap and Glory hand maid
Mac Pro Palette
Lush bubblegum lip scrub
Makeup wipes
MUA eyeshadow palette ‘heven and earth’
Eye pencil sharpener 
Barry M dazzle dust  
Rimmel eye primer
Nars lipgloss in turkish delight
Disposable mascara wands
Mac false lashes 
Barry M dazzle dust
Mac lipstick
MUA eyeshadow palette 
Rimmel eye kohl in pure white
Collection 2000 Extreme felt tip liner
Brushes- Real techniques, Mac and Zoeva 
Blusher palette from ebay. 
I hope this post has been helpful to some of you who need inspiration on what to put into your makeup kit or just like to have a nose at what I have. Feel free to give me suggestions for anything you think I may be missing or should have in my kit. 
Lucy xxx

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