Makeup In The City

L-R: Me, Soph

Camden Town market

 Look at that concentration. 

Last week I headed down to London for a MAC makeup masterclass, it was helpful and very informative. The lovely lady who ran the course was called Maddy and she was really lovely, and very chatty. She started off the class by telling us how to ‘prep’ the skin ready to apply the foundation. She believes that if you prep the skin properly you will achieve a flawless base every time. She also went into which primers and toners to use and not use. Silicone based primers are bad, gel based primers are good. Alcohol based toners are bad, rose water is good. To achieve a flawless base it goes something like this: Cleanse, Tone, moisturise, prime, foundation. I have in fact tried to stick to this method and it is working well so far. She then went onto showing us how to create a smokey eye. I already know how to do this but seeing her way of doing things was really useful and I have cheekily stolen a few tips and tricks to add into my own routine. 
As you can see from the photographs above, we were using all MAC products. This was very exciting for me as I am a massive fan of MAC makeup and love using it. The one thing that let me down though however was the foundation I was using. I used MAC studio sculpt because they didn’t have my shade in studio fix, it felt sticky and way to heavy for my skin and I could feel that I was wearing it all day. Not pleasant. Whereas the blush and lip products that I used have gone straight to top of my MAC wish list. The blush was gorgeous but I can’t remember/find the name or product anywhere, I should have written it down. The lipstick that I used was a matte formula and I’ve never been one for matte lips but this one was subtle and just the right shade of peachy pink. It is called ‘Please Me’. This is defiantly on my wish list. 
At the end of the class we were given a little goody bag, inside was an eye kohl in smoulder, from MAC. And a lipstick from the companies own collection. The course was really informative and I took a lot of notes to help me remember what we did. The course took place in Kentish town, brecknock road, number 12 if your interested. I will also link the website below. 
Thanks for reading, head back on Friday for a post about Instagram. 
Lucy xxx


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