Jo Malone Blackberry and Bay

My first dip into the Jo Malone world was with the Blackberry and Bay cologne. I got this for Christmas and I have not stopped wearing it since. It has an instant burst of deep, tart blackberries, while bucco tree essence adds a juiciness of fresh fruit and lively, crunchy-green blackberry leaves. As a top note this gives the cologne it’s vibrant and intense scent. However the heart notes of bay leaves blend with the blackberry leaves to give a vigorous and bright green quality to the fragrance. The base note of cedar wood brings the whole fragrance together with its mossy and balsamic depth, which adds intensity, as well as softness. The cologne is supposed to bring back childhood memories of blackberry picking. Stained lips and sticky palms. 
Blackberry and Bay is a fresh and light fragrance and the scent lasts a lot longer than I expected. I get a crisp wave of fragrance every time I put my scarf and jacket on. This is my go-to fragrance at the moment; as I feel it matches with the weather we are currently having in the UK. Warm but cold, with rain and sun. This fragrance gives off a warm tone to start with then the deep, tartness of the blackberries blend to give a more vigorous and intense scent.
What’s your favourite Jo Malone scent? I now have the bug and I’m lusting over the idea of English Pear andFreesia

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