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-Just a quick note, straight after this photograph was taken my bare minerals ready compact decided to fall onto the floor and smash everywhere. I could have cried at how traumatic it was, trying to still use it is hard but i’ll do my best- 

Bare minerals started my addiction to makeup back when I was only 12 or 13. I remember growing up watching my sister and mum both wear makeup and I felt like I was missing out on something so beautiful looking. My mum however disagreed and tried to stop me from wanting to splash the cash -her cash mind you- but being a little stubborn I managed to convince her to let me into the magical world of makeup. At that age I DID NOT need to wear foundation, but wanted it no matter what, as I had young skin that didn’t need any coverage, my mum didn’t want me wearing heavy liquid foundations. We then stumbled across a bare minerals counter and it was like it was made for me. ‘The minerals so pure you can sleep in it’. Sold! To the women with a 12 year old daughter. For then on my mum didn’t want me wearing liquid foundations but still at 17 being that stubborn young girl, I went ahead and tried them anyway. After a period of time I started getting the odd spot around my chin area and still to this day my mum believes it’s because I converted to liquid foundations. Now I am putting this theory to the test and for a whole month (well nearly) I am going to wear my bare minerals makeup and see if it clears up my skin to be that flawless younger girl skin again. I will keep you updated to how this ‘trial’ is going and if it actually works. 
I hope you’ve enjoyed this post, have you ever tried the Bare Minerals range? 
Lucy xxx


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