Christmas Update

Photograph from Pinterest
Firstly I would like to apologise for the lack of blog posts this month, but as you know December is a very busy month and if I’m honest I’ve been a little stuck on things to blog about, while this is still true and I am saving some posts for the new year; I thought you guys would want a quick festive update.
It is now only 7 days until the big day and I am yet to finish off my Christmas shopping. I am fortunate enough to be going to Leeds for a couple of days to try and finish off the last minute presents and decorations. I am also going to London on Monday 23rd. Yes you heard that right, the day before Christmas Eve; It’s going to be crazy busy but all the fun nonetheless. I am going to do more christmas shopping, to have a make over and photo shoot. I am excited and I will be taking my big photography camera so I will hopefully make a blog post out of the photographs I take.
Hopefully in the New Year I will be back in full force with regular posts for y’all, I have also been working on some exciting things for you guys to come in the New Year and I am very excited. 
I hope your all ready for christmas. 
What’s your favourite thing about christmas?
Lucy xxx


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