My Week #2

See ‘My Week #1’ here.
Last week was a crazy week, full of emotion and socialising. 
On the 12th of November 2011 my Great grandma sadly passed away, and so on the 12th of November I posted this photograph of me when I was younger sitting on her lap. This is one of my absolute favourite photographs of her and I miss her so much, I can’t believe it’s been 2 years. She was an amazing women and its hard without her here to carry on our journey growing up, she taught us so much and we have so many lovely memories with her. I miss you nana Ellen. <3
I went from one emotion to the next when on Wednesday me and my friend got tickets to see McBusted on tour, McFly and Busted were my favourites growing up and I am so excited to see them live. -The picture in the bottom right is a snapshot of the @McBustered twitter page because they Retweeted my tweet. Highlight of my day. 
However on thursday me and my friend went to the Urban Outfitters opening launch party, I have done a post on that here. That night my sister told me that she had got me and my friend tickets to meet One Direction. *Fangirling* I’m a massive fan of One Direction and we have nearly, but failed to meet them countless times before and the time actually came to meet them in London at their book signing. It was amazing, It felt so good to actually talk to them.  
So when we were in London we went shopping and a trip to London would not be complete without a quick trip to one of my favourite ever shops in London, Liberty. If you’ve ever been there you will know how obsessed you can be with a store. It has everything its great. 
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I hope you’ve all had a great week, speak to you soon. 
Lucy xxx


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