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I had to plan a photography shoot based on bright and dramatic makeup. This challenged my creativity and makeup skills, I came up with a makeup look which I like to call ‘Bright eyes’. It’s fun, colourful and perfect for fancy dress, photography shoots or even practising your makeup skills. I thought I would do a quick makeup tutorial on this look so you can re-create it yourself.

For the base I used Rimmel match perfection foundation in 100 Ivory with my Collection lasting perfection concealer in 02 light, I also used Rimmel stay matte powder to set my foundation into place.
I then used a little bit of Pritt stick to stick down my eyebrows, then I drew odd looking shapes around my eyes using white face paint (which I’m allergic too and didn’t realise until afterwards, so be careful). To do this I used a paint brush with some water. 
After the white eyeshadow I got out all of my brightly coloured eyeshadows and paints. I started in the inner corners on my eyes with a blue and moved around my eye clock-wise, adding different colours as I went. This took quite a long time to get right, it doesn’t have to be neat in any way, messy the better. After the bright eyeshadow I got some tin foil and ripped it up into small random shapes, I used the pritt stick again to secure these into place. I then went in with a black kohl eyeliner and tight lined my upper and lower lash line. This helps to bring out the colours and makes your eyes look wider.
I wanted to make my collar bones more prominent and stand out so I added a bit of bronzer and highlighter to them to make them appear stronger. (I still have a bit of a tan from summer so thats why it looks more orange than it should, oops). I also added some clear lipgloss to make my lips look hydrated and glossy.
Here is a preview of my photography shoot…

Do you like this makeup look? Would you re-create it? Let me know.
Lucy xxx


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