Sephora Makeup Academy Palette

When I went to Paris the one thing I was most excited about was going to Sephora, I have seen loads of beauty bloggers raving about the store and I was so jealous that there isn’t one close to me. Theres only a few stores, the main one being in America and a couple in France. At first I just thought it was an American thing but when my sister and I we’re looking through our Paris book for places to visit we stumbled across Sephora and I think I may have screamed with excitement, with only a 15 minute-ish walk away from our hotel I was even more excited to go there nearly everyday.
Before jetting off to France I signed up to be a ‘beauty insider’ meaning I would get emails through about new and exciting products and trends that Sephora offer. I got an email about a week before I went to France and it was about this new exciting makeup academy palette and it looked amazing, I read the email over and over just to make sure you could buy it in store (because I thought it was an online exclusive deal). Whilst browsing through the store my sister saw the palette sitting there in all it’s glory and she said I should get it, and that is exactly what I did.

The palette was €40 and you get 130 colours, 72 waterproof eyeshadow shades (some matte, shiny and glittery), 18 gel/creme eyeliners, 7 different blusher shades (creme and powder), 3 concealers, 1 eye primer and lip primer and 28 lip shades (creme, gloss and matte).

I am so excited to experiment with all of these different shades and this will allow me to explore a lot more looks. Next year for my photography course I am going to be doing all of my models makeup and photographing them for my project, so this palette is going to be perfect for that.

I can’t comment on the quality and pigmentation just yet as I haven’t used anything from it. But as soon as I start to experiment and have a play with all the pretty colours I will be able to tell you if it’s what I expected and if it’s worth €40. -Keep an eye out for that.

I brought a few more bits from Sephora but I am going to add them to my ‘Paris Haul’ post very soon.

Do you like the look of this Palette? Have you ever ventured into the world of beauty heaven in Sephora? Please let me know!

Lucy xxx


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