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Yesterday whilst in Birmingham I managed to do a bit of shopping, I love Forever 21 so much all their clothes and accessories are a decent price and last forever. Whilst I was there I picked up a few items.

#001 Two really cute flower clips for my hair in beige and pale blue I love these, they are so great for the summer and I love accessorising in my hair I think it looks super cute and on trend. Love these! I got these for £1.65 absolute bargain.

#002 A really super cute pair of sunglasses in a lovely pale pink colour. I’d say these are 60’s style sunnies and I absolutely adore these, again these were an absolute bargain at £4.90. I can see me wearing these all summer.

#003 Forever 21 have a lovely range of rings and jewellery, they are so cheap that I did have to control myself a little bit because I wanted to buy everything. So in the end I only got this ring but don’t worry I will be going back there to pick up a lot more things very soon. Again this was £1.65 and is super super cute for summer.

#004 This item is my favourite, It’s a really cute pale blue dress which is like a silky material, so soft and comfy as you can see from the picture on the right, It has an elasticated waste and I love these because If you have a little bit of weight and your not super skinny, they hide everything. I love love love this item defiantly worth £10. (This dress was in the sale so if you want to go and buy it, do it fast)

I hope you’ve enjoyed this post I love doing hauls so I hope you like reading them.
Have you ever shopped in Forever 21? Do you love it as much as I do? Comment below, I’d love to chat.

Lucy xxx


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