Celeb Style | Katy Perry at the Grammy Awards

I know that the Grammy Awards was a while ago now but I wanted to try something new on my blog, every two weeks or so I’m going to talk about a celebrity’s style and makeup. First celeb I have decided to choose is Katy Perry. I love Katy Perry so much, she is defiantly one of my style icons and girl crushes.  She is just amazing and can pull any look off brilliantly (I envy her for that). 
Katy Perry at the Grammy Awards 2013

Back in February Katy showed up at the Grammy Awards looking flawless in her long-sleeved mint dress, with blue yellow and green diamonds around the neck area. With a slit down the chest area this dress shows off Katy’s curves in a beautiful/natural way, it trails a long behind her very slightly making the whole dress very formal and fancy. Katy is very on trend with the pastel mint green. As this was in February it was really cold so by having the long-sleeves on the dress creates a very wintery but still fashionable look. 
Katy perry close up at the Grammy Awards 2013 
Katy always has a very flawless matte finish to her foundation, If I was to re-create this make up look I would use something like Chanel Perfection Lumiere or for a drug store foundation I would go for something like Revlon Colour stay, I would also use the Rimmel stay matte power.
On Katy’s eyes she has gone for a very strong brow and a light natural smokey eye. For the brows I would use mac Omega and/or Charcoal brown eyeshadow. For the smokey eye I would use something like Mac Shroom on the lid and then on the outer corners something like Mac Satin Taupe and then along the crease something like Mac Wedge. For eyeliner I would either use the Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Gel eyeliner in Black Ink or the Maybelline gel liner , For mascara I would use Maybelline the falsies
For Katy’s lips I would use a natural nude colour like Mac Hue or Mac Creme Cup.
To complement Katy’s natural look she decided not to have crazy coloured hair like blue or pink, but instead she went for a jet black and I have to say it suits her a lot, I love it black. 
Hope you like these kind of posts, I love doing these because one day I will want to re-create this look myself and I can see which products will work best. If you want me to do a tutorial on this look I will try and do one for you in the future. Let me know in the comments!
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