31 Day Snap #31 | Changing Room Selfies

In all honestly I’m quite glad the 31 Day Snap Challenge is over. I really enjoyed doing it and it has made me realise that once you say your going to do something -may it be a challenge or something more meaningful- that you actually have to stick to it. I have found it quite difficult to post everyday with wifi issues for my laptop and loads of different technical difficulties, but we got there in the end. On the other hand though it has given me a reason to blog and I have absolutely loved blogging everyday. Hopefully in the future I will do something like this again and my photography skills have hopefully improved by then. In the meantime I will leave you with my last ‘snap’ if you will.

It’s my birthday in less than 2 weeks and to say I am excited would be an understatement I am so excited to turn 17 and learn to drive (hopefully). So as many of you will probably do this to, I have started to look around shops at things that I want or going to get for my holidays. I went into American Apparel and I normally avoid this shop at all costs because I think that it’s very over-rated for what it is. But I was with my friend and she likes the shop so I thought why not. I went in and straight away I was draw to this amazing maxi skirt. Maxi skirts scare me a little bit because I have small legs and tiny hips so they never look right on me. But as I was in a ‘oh-why-not’ kinda mood I got my size and went to try it on. Oh My Goodness it is so pretty and summery and I really want this for my holiday to paris. It is super chick and bright and I lave it. It’s quite pricey though at £40 but I think It is totally worth it. It is so on trend and just gorgeous. Im in love. 
Will you miss the 31 Day Snap? Have you been doing it? Let me know! 
Lucy xxx


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