What I Want For Paris #001

So on August 12th I will turn 17 so me and my sister thought that it would be a really nice idea if we save up a bit of money and go to Paris for three days. I know Paris is a romantic city and that normal people will go with their partners/boyfriends and that going with your sister, maybe a little weird but it’s always been my dream to visit Paris on my birthday so why not ay. We’ve been to disney land Paris about 5 times I think now because I used to dance there and do some of the parades and stuff.. Pretty cool 🙂 Therefore I have decided to make a ‘Things I want for Paris’ section on my blog (Like a wish list I guess). 
001- This Polaroid camera has been on my ‘want list’ for absolutely ages now and now I have a perfectly good reason to get one. I love making little memories and keeping them save in boxes or on my wall as photos, a polaroid camera is a perfect way to keep memories as photographs and add dates and things to remember written on the back as soon as you’ve take the photo. 
002- I’ve been a bit obsessed with nail varnish recently and Models Own has been one of my favourite brands for a while now. As soon as they brought out these pastel range I was straight in there browsing the shades and scents. I love this one called ‘grape juice’ It is such a lovely colour for summer. It is a must have. 
003- This item is a little bit random and it’s not a product you’d want as a ‘must have’ for a holiday but I really need a tangle teezer compact brush. This one is from Urban Outfitters and it would fit in my handbag just nicely. Defiantly a must have for the train journey to and from Paris. 
004- This skirt is stunning, I love the colour, the style, the pricing is fabulous. Everything about this skirt is amazing and I really really want one. 
005- Denim jackets are the ‘in thing’ this year and unfortunately I have not got one nor found one that is perfect for me. I was just browsing through the Hollister website and came across this gem, I adore it and think that it would look super cute with skirts or leggings. I really want this so I can wear it around Paris and not get too hot or just wear it at night time for meals and walks around the city. 
006- Now I know I am a little bit late on this product but It is just so expensive to buy from this country at £10 a bottle for some water is a little bit ridiculous. So many people have been raving about this product on the inter-web and I feel like i’m missing out. So whilst I am in Paris I am going to go and find a pharmacy and stock up on this little gem and try it out for myself. 
007- Denim shorts ooooooo, surprisingly I do not own any denim shorts. Well I do live in the UK so I guess thats understandable. I found these lovely denim shorts on the Topshop website and I am in love. I must get these for Paris and any other holiday adventures I go on. 
008- These multi-coloured sandals are super cute. I love them, at just £14.99 at H&M you can’t go wrong. 
009- I know this was in my monthly favourites post but I must admit that it was only a small tester bottle I have and I am wanting to buy the full product soon. It is a really light foundation and lovely for going on holiday somewhere a little bit warmer than here in the UK. 
010- Another pair of denim shorts. I’ve gone denim mad. These are adorable little shorts from Hollister and I think if I remember rightly they are in the sale.. Even better. 
011- My last product in my ‘what I want for Paris’ post is this Topshop nail varnish in ‘Chase’ It just looks really lovely and summery I just love it. Can’t go wrong with some Topshop nail varnish. 
Anyone else going away in the summer? Has this helped you with what you need to take with you or what you’d like to get? 
Comment below if you like these kind of posts and I will do more in the future. 
Thank you for reading


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