A taste of Italian waters

Sometimes it’s just nice to have a break from our everyday busy life’s and jet off somewhere nice to just chill and relax. I went to Italy with my college to go skiing, I absolutely love skiing! It was such a wonderful holiday, I love Italy. I was completely relaxed and chilled out, I just loving leaving the UK for a bit. 

This is the view from Bormio 3000. It is very high up, we were literally skiing in the clouds, it was so beautiful to see.. There was snow everywhere, the sun was shinning and the snow was glistening, it was just truly stunning.  
I vlogged loads whilst I was away so if any of you have keek, follow me, subscribe to me, give me a thumbs up if you love my vlogs and comment if you agree with anything I do or say. 😉 @LucyTomlinson1D <<if anyone knows how I can change my name thing on here, please let me know! thank you x 
I am also going to create a youtube vlogging channel so once I have that set up, you can also subscribe to me on their as well. 

Whilst I was away I was finding it really difficult to keep up with my usual daily makeup routine. I did manage to wear make up in the evening when we came back from being on the slopes but even then it was a challenge to get myself ready and pampered as I was so tired from a full day of skiing. I did take most of my makeup and skin care with me, and I also brought a load of travel kits/makeup bottles that I could take with me on the 27 hour coach journey. Yes 27 hours, so I needed a lot of skin care to make my face still smooth and fresh. Being on a coach for 27 hours can make your face feel quite disgusting and dry so having a little travel pampering kit in my makeup bag really helped me keep my face and body feeling fresh and clean.

Overall I had the best holiday i’ve had in a long time. It was so relaxing but full on at the same time (if that makes scene). If you want to go on a skiing holiday, I would defiantly recommend to go to Bormio in Italy. 

Hope you all enjoyed this little post about my holiday, comment below if you’ve ever been skiing or to Italy or even if you just LOVE going on holiday to relax and chill. 

Much Love,

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