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My first trip of 2019: Miami! I have always dreamed of visiting the sunshine state and further down the east coast of America.

We stayed on the south beach side of Miami in a stunning hotel called Riviera Suites – 318 20th street. It was a short walk away from Lincoln Road Mall, Ocean Drive and South Beach.


S O U T H   B E A C H


South Beach, bringin the heat.

I fell in love with South Beach instantly. It’s cool chill vibe really appealed to me, we took a slow walk along the broad walk most mornings with locals running by during their daily work out. I recommend stopping by the Starbucks on ocean drive for a refreshment or going in one of the hotels for brunch. The sunset on south beach is stunning, it’s something worth documenting.


The Wynwood Walls are beautiful, the art and design is something worth visiting. It’s a very instagram friendly neighbourhood with graffiti and street art on every wall. We took a short taxi ride from South Beach over to Wynwood and headed straight for coffee at Panther Coffee – it had a chilled vibe with excellent coffee, I highly recommend. We wanted to go to Salty Donut because I’d heard they do the best donuts in town, but sadly they are closed on a Monday and that was the day we planned to go to Wynwood but it’s somewhere I’d recommend for the gram.

The shops in Wynwood are quirky, bespoke and I loved walking down the main street looking at everything.

I G K    S A L O N



If you want to get perfectly styled beachy waves whilst in Miami, then the IGK Salon in the Design District is the place to be. Their gorgeous space is the ideal spot to cool down from the south beach heat, a place to relax and indulge in luxury haircare treatments.

Whilst in the salon I opted for a cut, blow-dry and style by the wonderful and super talented Elizabeth. She talked me through every little detail and helped me understand what would be best for my hair at that time. Elizabeth cut my hair and matched up all my layers so that it grows at the same length all the way round, she also advised me to use volumizing products (IGK 30,000 ft shampoo & powder) and also lightweight hydrating products (IGK Bad and Bougie Shampoo & Thirsty Girl leave in conditioner) to keep my hair in a healthy condition and to make it easier to style when I’m home.

The salon is situated within the design district, where its surrounded by beautiful boutiques and designer stores, insta worthy coffee shops and cute art deco buildings.

My cut, blow-dry and style were very kindly gifted by the IGK team


D E S I G N     D I S T R I C T

Before heading to the IGK salon, we wondered through the design district. It’s absolutely stunning and all the buildings are a piece of art. If you’re wanting to do some shopping, this is the place to be. We headed to OTL for a coffee break and to escape the heat, it’s an instagram friendly coffee shop with amazing iced coffee.

L I N C O L N    R O A D    M A L L

My favourite place for shopping on South beach – Lincoln Road Mall houses shops such as Sephora, Urban Outfitters, Gap, Apple, Forever 21, Victoria Secret etc. We spent most of our time walking the streets and taking breaks from the heat here.

Lincoln road mall has a lot of restaurants going down the centre of the mall, we ate here most nights as the atmosphere was amazing! Everyone is super friendly and inviting, it’s hard to choose a place to eat.

O C E A N  D R I V E

The main drive in South Beach, it is home to some of the most famous hotels and art deco buildings in Miami. Each hotel offering a club scene with music, happy hour and drag artists putting on a show.

I loved walking down Ocean Drive taking in all the incredible Art Deco buildings, I could have stood and photographed them all day. I recommend grabbing a cold drink before you walk down Ocean Drive as it’s long and the heat is intense.

Have you ever been to Miami? I’m longing to go back.

Luc x


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