Self Care Ritual


Practising and appreciating self-care can be difficult; especially if you work full time, have a busy lifestyle or just lack some downtime.

I’m writing this post to hopefully inspire you to start your own self-care ritual and to remind myself that it’s okay to take time off once in a while to appreciate self-care.


Slowing down

We are all guilty of running hectic life’s, being busy all the time. But are we actually busy when we find the time to watch the latest tv drama, or catch up with our favourite Netflix series. I can definitely hold myself accountable of saying that I’m busy all the time, when in reality I do have time for myself, and others.

“Being tired is an inevitable side effect of a busy life” -Vogue

My self care ritual will always start with a pamper session, to avoid looking like I’ve not slept for the whole month – we all know by now that I love a good face mask and luxe body cream. Lighting a candle and reading my favourite magazine, or current book is just one way in which I like to unwind after a hectic week.

These are my steps and go-to products to stop me looking as tired as I always feel.

My go-to face mask is something brightening, exfoliating and hydrating. Anything from Pathology are quick and easy to use and you only need 5 minutes for the ingredients to make an impact. I adore the illuminating face mask, it gives an instant boost of radiance and is the perfect pick-me-up mask.

As for exfoliating the skin, I always reach for Tatcha Rice Enzyme Powder, mixed with my favourite cleansing oil. The perfect combination for smooth, clear skin.

When I’m pampering myself I always reach for my most luxe products, I find them to be more of a treat for the skin. Revive is one of those brands I reach for when I need an extra boost because I know the ingredients are constantly working away at the skin. Intensite Complete eye serum, adds radiance, reduces the look of dark circles and under-eye bags. I have a full review on this hero product here.

I have a collection of body products that I love to use when I’m practising my self-care ritual. Glossier body hero cleansing oil is my go-to in shower product, it’s smoothing, smells amazing and leaves the skin glowing. As for body cream, luxe brand Laura Mercier always deliver when it comes to bath and body. Fig Body Cream is my favourite scent, its not too sweet and overpowering.


As part of my self-care ritual I like to make time to see friends and family, surrounding yourself with like-minded people allows you to feel more relaxed, content and inspired. I am defiantly guilty of not doing this as often as I should but I really do try to reach out to close friends and family, whilst keeping in touch with distant ones too. A meal out, movie night in or a cocktail evening are perfect ways to indulge in self-care whilst gossiping with your bestie. When I’m down in London my favourite

I really need to practise what I preach here. I always write about how digital detox’s are so ideal for keeping your mental healthy at bay and calm, at having a well-rested sleep and for keeping stress levels down. However I am the worst when it comes to actually putting my phone down at night and switching off my favourite Netflix show. My favourite way to practice this is by listening to podcasts; if you, like me, find it hard to fully commit to switching off completely, a podcast or audio book are great ways to relax the mind.

What are your self-care rituals?


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