Lost in Tokyo



It’s been several months since I visited Tokyo and yet I feel a part of me is still wondering the streets of Shibuya, sipping on vending machine hot choco and capturing all the cherry blossom in sight. I miss slurping ramen broth and making a mess with the chopsticks – no Wagamama isn’t the same. The holiday blues are for sure settling in now and for saying I was incredibly nervous about visiting such a city, it is now one of my favourite places and I long to be back. Photos are a great way to capture memories and moments, I love looking back.




One thing I also miss the most is LOFT. Loft is one of the best Japanese stores and I probably spend around 85% of my time in one of the Loft stores. In fact, I’ll be giving my sister a list of things to bring back from Loft for me before she comes home again – Sorry Al.

Tokyo, I’ll be back.

Luc x


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