An Instagram Guide to Tokyo

My first trip of 2018: Japan. Japan is somewhere that has always been on my Bucket list but I never believed it would ever happen. If you know me you’ll know just how nervous I was to be going away, flying 12 hours to a completely different place by myself freaked me out. I will be doing a post on this because spoiler: I actually really enjoyed it.

I was presently surprised by how clean the whole city was, no chewing gum on the pavements was a sight for sore eyes and something I obviously noticed straight away. They also have a strict no smoking in the street rule which I found very bizarre; they smoke indoors in separate smoking rooms and have dedicated outdoor areas, which makes for an even cleaner city.

Now obviously, going to a new country calls for copious amounts of sightseeing, photo taking and exploring. What better place to store and document all those photographs than Instagram? So if, like me, you love Instagram and love editing your photos to document them all in one place then this guide is for you. I’ve separated this guide out into different areas to make planning a little easier.

Before you head off on your big adventure an obligatory pic with your suitcases is obviously necessary for the gram. My suitcases are from Tripp luggage at Debenhams. I have the large 4 wheel suitcase* and the cabin 4 wheel suitcase in magenta, the perfect companions for a long haul flight.

(I was very kindly sent a gift card from Debenhams so I put that towards my large 4 wheel suitcase).


H A R A J U K U 

My absolute favourite place in Tokyo. The vibe here is something you can’t miss, it’s always busy and full of life. Each store playing music louder than the next, almost like they’re in competition with each other. It’s fun and has so much to look at.

You can’t miss the endless crazy snack options and first on our list were these chocolate crisps, I know, they sound horrendous but they were delicious. We went for the safe option with just chocolate but the wide range of toppings alone is something to look at.

If chocolate crisps aren’t your thing, the pastel coloured cotton candy is something I wish I’d tried. If just for an Instagram photo. We saw countless girls posing just to the left of the stand, with their freshly spun pastel candy floss – clearly doing it for the gram.

Harajuku / Monster Café

If there’s one thing you do in Harajuku please spend the time in the Monster Café! Its crazy, unusual and so very brilliant. We ordered the colourful pasta, fries and two colourful drinks. Something to note: it costs 500 Japanese yen to go into the café on top of the food prices. Overall it was a little expensive for some plain garlic pasta but the atmosphere, staff and experience is defiantly worth it and an ideal Instagram hotspot.

Harajuku / Tokyo Plaza Omotesando 

Harajuku / Afrui Raman

D I S N E Y 

The two days we spent at Disney was everything and more! I spent a bit more money and treated my sister and I to an overnight stay in one of the Disney partner hotels (Hilton Tokyo Bay). This was the best decision, the 2 hour journey to get there wouldn’t have been ideal on the second day.

We did a day in each park and they did not disappoint. Disney sea was my favourite, it’s completely different to anything I’ve ever been to before and I loved the attention to detail in every building, character, ride and parade! Japan surely know how to do Disney. And of course there were so many photo opportunities in each of the parks that I definitely took advantage of.

Disneyland was very similar to Disneyland Paris; but so much better. It has all the same rides and more but on a much bigger scale. In both parks you’ll be able to find endless amounts of Disney popcorn –my absolute fave– in a wide range of flavours. We tried to blend in with the locals and brought a Disney character popcorn holder (my sis went for the classic Mickey), but again the options to chose were endless. Our favourite flavours were: Tomato and herb, soy sauce and butter, milk chocolate and honey.

My favourite ride over both parks has to be the Tower of terror, it’s so much better than the one in Paris and it’s currently my fave ride. I also very much enjoyed Pirates of the Caribbean, again on a much bigger scale to Paris.

Seeing countless squads dressed in the same outfits was a highlight of our trip to Disney. Every little detail down to the accessories we’re faultless and identical. Whilst posing for an Instagram OOTD I unintentionally matched a girl squad, scroll down to see our album cover debut.

Tokyo / Shibuya Crossing

I loved every moment in Tokyo and wish I could relive the memories. I have a thousand and one photos to remember the experience by and I am so thankful that I got the opportunity to visit. I also absolutely adored photographing this city as I was blown away by its beauty. I am definitely going to get some of my photos printed for my room.

Have you ever been to Tokyo? What do you think to my photographs?

Luc x


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