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January blues are super fun, aren’t they? The cold weather and lack of motivation start to creep in and I find it really hard to stay inspired this time of year. So for the days where I just can’t drag myself out of bed, because it feels like the middle of the night still, I do something a little different.

I am writing this post both to share my tips for staying inspired, and motivated during the most depressing month of the year, but also to kick my own butt into gear. Anyone else in need of a mid-jan pep talk?


Digital Detox 

I’m defiantly guilty of not doing this enough but when I do, it really does help. Headspace allows all the creative ideas to flow, with something so simple as putting all electrical devices away, and on ‘do not disturb‘ mode by 8pm. Taking some time away from the screens and relaxing with a book or magazine can be a really nice way to relax and switch off.


I think a lot of people this year are starting to practise and appreciate self-care. It can be as easy as looking after yourself; doing that pamper evening, having an extra hour in bed at the weekends, not being too hard on yourself. We’re all guilty of it and should learn to look after ourselves a little.

We can be so hard on ourselves sometimes and I defiantly hold myself accountable of this. Practising self-care comes hand in hand with comparing ourselves to others and I think we should appreciate other peoples success and take that as inspiration, something to aim for, instead of finding faults in our own achievements. 

Keep Learning

Taking inspiration from your favourite bloggers or artists is a great way to learn new techniques. Learning and experimenting your own way to edit photos, for example, will allow you to find your own rhythm and USP. Be individual, unique and innovative with your ideas. Another helpful tip that I picked up along the way is to be visual, I love creating mood boards and collecting images. They’re a great way to get all your ideas out.

A Look Back

Take a look back at your previous content, the ones your most proud of. It should bring back memories of creating and the inspiration thought process. This is my favourite thing to do, it’s also a great way to practise self-care and accept your greatest achievements. 

My favourite inspirational gals 


@Sortofobsessed / The queen of skincare and pretty pink photography. Her photos inspire me to learn more about skincare and ingredients.

@EggCanvas / Erica’s feed is new to me but one I am so glad I found. She inspires me to use different lighting techniques and she totally makes me want to rearrange my bedroom. I mean we all wished we had a Brooklyn based apartment, don’t we?

@WishWishWish / Carrie’s feed is so satisfying to scroll down, she makes everything look beautiful. If you don’t watch her insta stories then you need to, she inspires me to expand and explore my photography skills – to learn new techniques.


Kate La Vie / Obviously I couldn’t list my favourite inspirational gals without adding Kate. Kate’s blog is my go-to when I’m in a blogging rut, I always feel inspired to explore different set ups, her house looks like an absolute dream.

Masha-Sedgwick / A new blogging find but one I love already. The imagery illustrates personality and story telling and the whole design is captivating. She truly is an inspiration.


I hope this post helps you find inspiration and motivation to kick start the year. This year has been a slow start for me, but thats okay.

What are your top tips for staying inspired during the gloomiest month so far? I’d love to know.

Luc x


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