Flying Solo

Like most people I know, flying freaks me out if I stop to think about it in great detail. I have always been a nervous flyer but as a child I was able to sleep through stressful situations, such as take off and landing – which are my least favourites parts about flying. However I think over the years I’ve managed to master a routine that I like to do on each flight to make sure it all runs smoothly up in the air. On the ground though is a different story, I normally leave all the important things to my parents or older sister; passports, check-in, finding the gate – you know the all important airport duties.

Next month I am embarking on my biggest travel adventure so far, I’m travelling by myself for the very first time. As you can imagine, I’m super nervous. But as always, i’m looking at the positives of this.

  1. I will hopefully gain the confidence in travelling by myself. If my job ever allows me to, I want to travel and will have to do so by myself.
  2. Its only one flight, it maybe long but at least I don’t have to stress about a connecting flight.
  3. I enjoy my own company anyway and spend a lot of my time on my own – it’ll just be 30,000ft up in the air.
  4. I can watch as many films as I like.
  5. I’ll be able to pamper myself with all the face masks and creams in peace.

I will be doing a post when I’m back, going through my experience and how I thought it went. In the mean time I would like your help…

I am going to be opening up the comments-if you will- for you guys to help me out. If you’ve ever flown by yourself and have all the important duties down to a T, I want to hear all your top tips and experiences (all positive please, anxiety levels are high). If you have any blog posts, videos or articles about flying or have read some that you think will help, defiantly send them my way.

I can’t wait to hear your stories

Luc x


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