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As I mentioned in this post, taking a look back at your previous work can bring back inspirational memories and encourage you to be motivated and create. So, heres a look back at my Final Major Project from University, I’ve never shared the images here on the blog so I’m excited to take a look back with you.

My FMP was tailored towards the fashion industry, with the inspiration coming from editorials, magazines and fashion shows. The project was an on going development over several months, during my last year at university and is an exclusive collection of creative fashion images inspired by four different climates; Dry, Tropical, Polar and Temperate. The four climates chosen were interpreted using hair and makeup suitable for the fashion industry.

I had an amazing creative team of models, assistants and photographers who helped me put this collection of images together and I am incredibly proud of the end project that I achieved. I took on the role as creative director and that allowed me to take full creative control on the project, giving me the confidence to work well with a creative team.

I do have a website which is dedicated to this project called Atmospheric-Aura, there you’ll see my main inspirations, behind the scenes images and show reel video.





D R Y 

T E M P E R A T E 

S H O W R E E L 

I absolutely loved putting together my showreel to show my development and inspiration on each shoot with behind the scenes footage and final images, please feel free to take a look and let me know what you think about this project I would love to hear your thoughts.

I feel really inspired to create another project now, looking back at old images and remembering creative thought processes really helps. I just need to find me some models now.

Luc x


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