So, I graduated

A couple of weeks ago I graduated from the University College Birmingham, after studying Specialist Hair and Media Makeup for 3 years. The day consisted of getting up super early to get ready, the graduate ceremony and then lunch with the best people.

I was insanely nervous – because who wants to walk across a stage in heels in front of thousands of people? Not me. However once the ceremony was over, I relaxed a lot more and had the best time taking photographs with friends and family.

I am so incredibly grateful for these absolute gems who helped me get through 3 years of student life. I honestly have the best family around me and without their support I wouldn’t have been able to get through my 3 years of university.

I absolutely love this selfie of myself and my family, we all look so happy and windswept. It truly captured us all in the moment. 

Its only just sunk in that I have actually graduated from university and I won’t be going back like everyone else. Octobers been a weird month, in the fact that I feel like I should be going back to Birmingham any time soon to start another semester, but i’m not. I’m still not sure whats next for me, which is scary, but just taking each day as it comes and I will continue to work towards my next goal. 

Luc x


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