Colourful Skull


I’m kicking off this years Halloween with Luc series with a very colourful skull transformation. This was one my favourite to put together – but a nightmare to take off.

If you follow me on Instagram you would have already seen this look, and two others, but as promised here’s a full list of products used and a how-to-get-the-look.


For the majority of this look I used Makeup Forever Flash Palette. To start with I took a white eyeliner (I used NYX White liquid liner) to draw out all of the areas that will be filled in black; the eyes, nose and temple areas.

Pro Tip: Outline the hollow areas first to avoid colours mixing and going grey.

Using my makeup forever-flash palette I started by stippling different colours onto the face; everywhere that isn’t going to be hollow, blending them in slightly.

Once the whole face is coloured in different colours, start filling in the hollow areas in black.

Pro Tip: Use a matte black eyeshadow to set the hollow ares – to prevent creasing.


Teeth: Take the white from the flash palette and paint on vertical small rectangles. Use a thin eyeliner brush and the black from the MUFE flash palette and paint vertical lines from the centre of the month, upwards in-between the white shapes.

Pro Tip: Create v shapes in-between each white section to add depth and dimension.

Using the same eyeliner brush and black paint, create small cracks and lines around the face for dimension and shadow.

Pro Tip: Use white paint to highlight areas around the hollows.


I used Anastasia Beverly Hills Glow Kit in Moonchild all around the face on the corresponding colours to add sparkle and highlight. -This really transformed the look and created a 3D effect.

Pro Tip: Use the pink shade in the glow kit and blend it over the eyelids for depth.

To add bones onto the neck, chest and hand, use the white cream paint to outline the shapes down the neck, collar bone and back of the hand. Fill in with white paint. Outline the white sections with black and shade in the rest of the body with the black cream paint.

Pro Tip: Take the black cream paint all the way around to the back of the neck and shoulder to prevent skin showing in photos.

Pro Tip: Use colour on the bones to add depth and to blend them in with the whole overall look.

Full list of products used:

Makeup Forever Flash Palette

NYX White Liquid Eyeliner

Anastasia Beverly Hills Glow Kit – Moonchild

The Face Paint Shop Aurora Glitter Gel

Please let me know in the comments if theres any other halloween looks you’d like me to create, I have a few more ideas coming soon… I would also love to hear your feedback. Don’t forget to use the hashtag #HalloweenWithLuc on Instagram and Twitter so I can see your recreations.

Happy Halloween

Luc x


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