August Goals

Well, it just seems like yesterday that I sat down to write my July Goals post, obviously thats not the case, but where has the time gone?

Call me biased but August is my favourite month, it’s my birth month fyi. This year I have a lot planned and I’m just so excited to get the birthday celebrations in swing -it’s a big one this year.


Up my fitness game. I’ve been feeling really sluggish recently and just not as upbeat as I would normally feel and I defiantly think a lot of this is due to my lack of exercise. I’ve recently started doing the coach to 5k app, it sounds so daunting but I’ve been told once you’ve gotten through the first couple of weeks its not so bad –only time will tell. I’m really hoping this is going to sort me out with feeling myself again, I’d also like to lose a few pounds so win win.

Be in the moment. I was recently invited to a friends wedding and although I was the photographer for the day –how exciting- I didn’t touch my phone allll day, hard to believe I know. I truly enjoyed being in the moment, especially on such a special day. I defiantly need to do this more often.

Share the love. I’ve seen a lot of this going round social media recently and I just love that women are supporting other women. Not everyone is and I’ve seen and experienced this first hand, however I have a lot of love for the women in my life and bloggers that I follow on a daily basis that I just want to share.

Be creative. I’ve got a lot of travelling coming up and I would love to create arty videos and imagery whilst I’m there. Im of course taking my cameras away with me so stay tuned for some travel posts coming up.

What are your goals and aims for August?

Luc x


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  1. Zoe
    August 6, 2017 / 4:19 pm

    And we were so happy you agreed to join us on such a special day and can’t thank you enough! Can’t wait to see the pictures ❤️❤️???

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