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OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIts been a while since I’ve sat down to write a post, uni has taken over my life these past few months and I’m struggling to get the right balance between blog, social life, work and university but please stick with me as I’ll be back in full force come June.

As you may already know, AA Skincare are one of my favourite natural skin and body care brands and recently they came out with a new shower gel, which I was very excited to try. I chose the scent Peppermint.

I’ve been using this AA Skincare shower gel* for a good month now and it’s lasted really well, the smallest amount really lasts a long time as it foams up a lot when comes into contact with water and the skin. I like to use this shower gel if I shower in the mornings or during the day because it has an uplifting scent that really gets me motivated for the day. The scent of this shower gel lasts on the skin after washing, leaving your skin fresh and smelling amazing.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe one thing I found with this shower gel is that it keeps my skin moisturised and feeling hydrated, when past shower gels I’ve tried have dried out my skin.

AA Skincare say that this shower gel is “Invigorating and energizing. This deep cleansing shower gel will help you feel refreshed and rejuvenated”

The most active ingredients within this shower gel are:

Cedarwood Atlas Essential Oil – soothing and cleansing. Great for helping calm irritated skin.

Corn Mint Essential Oil – fresh, soft, bitter sweet aroma. Stimulating and its antimicrobial properties help treat an irritated and itchy skin.

Murumuru Seed Butter – pressed from Brazilian palm trees, it is packed with essential fatty acids and Vitamin A to restore softness to the skin.

Eucaluptus Oil – woody-sweet aroma. Has been known harvest natural anti-bacterial and deodorising properties, helping you feel refreshed and revived.

Burdock Root Extract – rich in amino acids and calcium. It has often been used to help reduce signs of acne, eczema and help soothe dry patches of skin.

Brazil Nut Oil – provides a source of Vitamin E and unsaturated fatty acids to nourish and condition.

Radish Root – has been known for its natural antimicrobial properties.

I’ve been loving this shower gel recently and will probably repurchase it once its ran out. I’m lusting over the Peony, Bay and Brahmi scent.

Have you tried anything from AA Skincare yet?

Luc x


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