Winter In New York City

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I hope you all had an amazing, fun, love filled Christmas and new year. Sorry I’ve been M.I.A here on What Lucy Loves recently, I have no real reason for this, its just been a busy ol’ month.

I spent the first week of 2017 in my favourite city, New York. Its so crazy to think that last summer it was my first time visiting the big apple and 7 months later, I’m jetting off again to JFK. New York will always have my heart. Winter in NYC is magical, pretty and freezing. I am so grateful to have been able experience New York in the snow, its a magical wonderland.

Heres to 2017, the year of travelling places, saying no to things I don’t actually want to do, being motivated and focusing on my last year of university and planning things for the future. I want this year to be about me, as selfish as that sounds. I haven’t got any new year resolutions, just aims and goals for the year ahead.

Luc x


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