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Halloween isn’t that far away now, 2 weeks today to be exact and with so many different looks circling the web I thought I’d put my own creations out there too. Last year I did a half glam-half skull makeup look, which you can view here, this year I wanted to make a colourful glitter version of a skull. My main inspiration for this look came from Nicole Guerriero, she created an Electric Paint Splatter Skeleton, defiantly go check out her video if your thinking of recreating this look for Halloween.

I never used to like Halloween as a child but now as a makeup artist, it’s one of my favourite times of year. I love being able to be creative, express myself and completely transform someone into something completely different. However if you know me, you’ll know that i’m not into the scary side of halloween, so adding bright colours and glitter is my favourite way to add glam to the look.



For the majority of this look I used my Makeup Forever Flash Palette, to start with I took a white eyeliner (I used NYX White liquid liner) to draw out all of the areas that will be filled in black; the eyes, nose and temple areas, then the white shade was used as a base, all over the face.

Pro Tip: Do the white areas first, then go in with the black, this prevents things going grey.

I then took the black from the same flash palette and filled in the eyes, nose and temples. For the eyes I took the black just below the eyebrows and used a bright pink shade from the Jeffree Star Beauty Killer Palette to blend into the crease. Take the same pink shade and circle it all around the eye, even underneath, still blending into the black cream paint.

Pro Tip: Have a couple of clean blending brushes on hand to help blend the pink into the black seamlessly.

Still using the Beauty Killer Palette, take the lightest pink shade and apply it onto the eyelid, blending up into the bright pink shade. This acts as a highlight and brightens up the eye.

Pro Tip: Spray Fix + onto the brush before applying for a more intense pink.

To start the outline of the teeth and jaw line, use a thin eyeliner brush and the black from the flash palette. Start from the corners of the mouth and draw a line towards the cheeks, this is where the teeth will be drawn.

Pro Tip: Use a really thin brush for the teeth for a precise application.



 Once the base and blocks of colour have been completed, take a really thin brush and the black cream paint, draw on thin cracks along the chin, jaw line, forehead, above the eyes and cheek area.

Pro Tip: Use a white eyeliner or cream paint to highlight below the cracks and lines.

Use the same bright pink eyeshadow from the Beauty Killer Palette and stipple colour onto the temples to add depth and colour.

To create the teeth use a thin eyeliner brush and black cream paint. Paint vertical lines from the centre of the month, outwards. Approx. 8 on each side. To create the curve/ triangle shapes use the same brush and draw slanted lines on each side and colour in. I used the gold from the Flash Palette to shade in some of the teeth for a brightening effect.

Pro Tip: Go back in with the white cream paint in between each gap to create the tooth shape and to highlight.

To add bones onto the neck and chest area, use the white cream paint to outline the shapes down the neck and collar bone. Fill in with white paint. Outline the white sections with black and shade in the rest of the body with the black cream paint.

Pro Tip: Take the black cream paint all the way around to the back of the neck and shoulder to prevent skin showing in photos.



To create the different coloured paint splatter I used a tooth brush, MUFE Flash Palette and a beauty oil. Dip the tooth brush into the coloured paint, then into the oil. By running your fingers along the tooth brush in quick motions, this makes the coloured paint splatter onto the face.

Pro Tip: Use a facial oil for waterproof paints such as the Flash Palette or water for normal water based paints.

Repeat the same process with different colours, taking this down onto the neck and shoulder area as well. Apply this all over and stop when desired (less is more).

Pro Tip: Get closer to the face for a more intense splatter and further away for a lighter application.

To apply the glitter, use glitter shakers in any colours, I used mostly pinks, holographic silvers and purples. Get your model to tilt their heads back a tiny bit and shake the glitter over them from a hight. Stop when desired.

Pro Tip: Spray the face and body with Mac Fix +, this gives the glitter something to grip onto.

Lastly, using a pink temporary hair spray colour the hair pink. I picked pink because it was the main colour I used for this look. You can change the pink shade for any other colour you want to.

Pro Tip: Colour the hair in sections, starting from the back.


Please let me know in the comments what other halloween looks you’d like me to create, I have a few more ideas coming soon… Also let me know what you thought to this look, I would love to hear your feedback. Don’t forget to use the hashtag #HalloweenWithLuc on Instagram and Twitter so I can see your recreations.

Happy Halloween

Luc x


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