Summer for me has been incredible. I’ve visited new places, met new people, worked my ass off but also had fun. I turned 20 this summer too.

Here are a few of my summer highlights and what I want to achieve this Autumn winter.

Coldplay stadium tour:
My family and I are obsessed with Coldplay, we’ve all seen them live approx. 4 times already. When they announced there stadium tour we all jumped at the chance of getting tickets. It was my sister who managed to get us four tickets to the show in Manchester. We had an absolutely amazing time and I would highly recommend seeing the boys live if you ever get a chance. Insane.

New York:
New York has been a place I’ve wanted to visit for as long as I remember, I’ve done a few posts already from my trip which I’ll link here, here and here. Being able to experience that trip with my family was insane, words almost can’t describe how lucky I feel to be able to visit the city and how incredible the trip was. The trip gave me so much motivation and inspiration. I want to travel to new places and see the world but first I’ve got to work my butt off to afford the travel.
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20th bday:
I turned 20 this summer and although I wasn’t happy about it to start with, not being a teenager anymore scared me. However I’m now embracing my 20’s and actually enjoying life as an adult now.

This summer I got the chance to work on a couple of photoshoots with some really talented people. I really enjoyed the experience and can’t wait to get stuck in with more.

Getting into BSDA (happy but hard time):
Beauty school drop out academy is a makeup course foundered by two absolute babes. Nicola Schuller and Lou Teasdale, they announced BSDA last year and ran there first ever course in London early Feb! Of course I applied then but being up against so many amazing talented people I sadly didn’t get in. However this summer they announced a BSDA tour with NYX cosmetics.
I applied, I got in but I couldn’t go. I was honestly devastated! I tried so hard and have been working harder to create different makeup looks, show off my own skills, practising on as many people as I could and it obviously payed off. However this time around I have a part time job now and I wasn’t allowed time off work. To start with I was angry, upset and annoyed but I learnt to accept it and obviously I’m going to try again if more BSDA opportunities come up, I’m going to be working even harder this time around so fingers crossed I’ll be able to attend in the future.
When I told everyone I was going to turkey again for a beach holiday I got the same reaction. Yes I was scared but you can’t let what’s happening in the world stop you from visiting your favourite places or living your life. Of course we were more aware of everything going on, but aren’t we like that in our own country? Anyway I had the best time ever and I really didn’t want to come home. Being by the pool or on a boat in the middle of the ocean is just pure bliss. I came back about a week ago and it was such a perfect time for a holiday, a full week to chill and relax before uni starts again today. I feel so much more energised and refreshed, ready for this year.

Going back to uni, finial year:
I’m now officially a third year. My final year at university, the year that actually counts for us. Last year I struggled with the balance of having a job, uni and my blog and I really don’t want that to happen this year. I know university is important but to me so is my lil space on the web. My schedule will be changing and although I struggle to stick to my schedule now I’m going to be a lot easier on myself and if I miss a post, I miss a post. Life happens and I need to remember that it’s really not the end of the world if I miss to schedule a post. The next couple of weeks will be me getting used to uni life again and finding my feet. Bare with me but I am hoping for 2 posts a week, not sure on the days but I’ll let you know. This next uni year is going to be hard, I know that. In order for me to get through it I need to focus on myself and do what I need to do to make myself happy. I’ve spent years trying to impress and please other people but at the end of the day this is my future and I am the only one who controls that.

What have you been up to this summer?

Luc x


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