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 Turning 20 wasn’t all that bad, my mum and I organised a picnic and I had so much fun planning a Pinterest worthy picnic. I invited my closest friend and her mum and it was a really cute get together with yummy food and gorgeous decorations. The weather was pretty decent too.

I do love a good picnic, whether you’re hosting it in your own back garden, like we did, or setting up camp in a park somewhere, I have a few top tips on how to host the perfect summer picnic.

We set up a few boxes and coffee tables under our gazebo but you could totally make a tee-pee tent in the middle of your garden using a washing line and a few pegs. My mum got some floral material from IKEA to make DIY table clothes, which looked perfect with all the food on top. To decorate the rest of the gazebo I used paper lanterns (also from IKEA) and fairy lights.

For my birthday this year I was given a lot of flowers, we used these to decorate around the tables and under the gazebo to add warmth and live to the picnic.

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I obviously had to have music playing, I made a playlist on Spotify which you can listen to here. It includes some of my current faves, some bday related songs and old classics.

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 For the food we kept it simple but yummy, we didn’t wanted to over do it but I totally think we did. There were only 4 of us so all this food was used the next day as left overs.

We brought sandwiches from Marks and Spencer’s and cut them up, my mum cooked a cheese and tomato pizza and chicken nuggets and we made a meat and veg board with different dips and condiments. We also had popcorn buckets full of crisps and snacks.

For the desert I made Chocolate marshmallow pops. I melted some milk chocolate and dipped each marshmallow into it and then into some sprinkles, they were so yummy and really easy to make. My mum brought some cupcakes, mini fruit tarts, macaroons and chocolates. They went down a treat. I also made some fruit kebabs with fresh fruit, they were delicious.

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I had such a good day and I loved every minute of it. If you host your own picnic party I would love to see your set ups, please tag me on insta @WhatLucyLoves

Do you want to see a makeup tutorial on the purple smokey eye I was wearing on my birthday? Let me know.

Luc x


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