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Liquid Lipsticks have been a massive trend in 2016, with even more brands coming out with their own versions. I have been really eager to try Jeffree’s Velour Liquid Lipsticks after hearing so many good things about them. This summer I thought that it was time to try his offerings. He often comes out with limited edition collections and this summer was no exception.

His summer collection was sold as a bundle and individually. I opted for the bundle as I wanted to try all of the different shades, even the yellow.

The bundle includes 5 shades and retailed for about $75 (£57) making each liquid lipstick $15 (£12), individually they retail for $18. Sadly the bundle is no longer available, however beauty bay have started stocking a few of the individual shades for £16 here. I ordered mine from the Jeffree Star website and because I had it shipped to the UK I did get a £20 customs charge on top of the original $85 (inc. shipping) fee. I’ve ordered from Jeffree twice now and both times I’ve received a customs charge.

The packaging of the limited edition collection is different to the original. The lids are yellow instead of the standard hot pink. I think I prefer this packaging to the original. Its fun, bright and perfect for summer.


L-R: Virginity, Nude Beach, 714, Watermelon Soda, Queen Bee


B-T: Virginity, Nude Beach, 714, Watermelon Soda, Queen Bee

Virginity: Lilac Toned Pink

Nude Beach: Creamy Peach Nude

714: Coral toned creamy pink

Watermelon Soda: Salmon toned coral

Queen Bee: Bright cool toned yellow

Surprisingly my favourite shade out of the collection is Virginity, its a gorgeous lilac shade which looks amazing mixed in with a nude. I’ve been wearing this shade on its own as well, the light wash of purple is my favourite at the moment. I thought I was going to love Nude Beach but on me it is far too orange and peachy for my complexion. Jeffree says that its a ‘macaroni cheese nude’ and I love that description of it.

All of the velour liquid lipsticks are also eye safe, making them ideal to use as eyeliner and eyeshadow bases. I can’t wait to use Queen Bee as an eyeliner.

On first impressions, Queen Bee has a thicker consistency than the others, Watermelon Soda and 714 on first swatch applied streaky but after a couple of layers I managed to get an opaque finish. Jeffree also says that putting the products into the fridge also helps with thickening the formula and keeping it streak free. As you can see from the swatch pictures above, Nude Beach and Virginity took longer to dry than the others but once dried down the formula is the same as the others. They all needed a couple of layers to get an opaque finish. Virginity, Nude Beach, Watermelon Soda and Queen Bee all have a Watermelon scent and 714 has the original scent.


Have you tried any of the Jeffree Star Velour Liquid Lipsticks? Whats your favourite shade from the summer collection?

Luc x


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