Falling out of love for blogging

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThis is something that I am struggling with at the moment, whether I like to admit it or not. For a while now I haven’t been in the right frame of mind for my blog, however I’ve been making a few changes and have a few tips for anyone in the same position. I know it’s hard to not be disheartened by statistics and comparing yourself to others, especially as the blogging community has grown and improved so much since I started What Lucy Loves and theres now so many talented bloggers out there. Just remember that you started your blog because you loved it and had a passion for it, don’t let these factors get to you.


Everyone has to start somewhere

This is easier said than done. Just remember that everyone is different and not every blog is going to be the same, everyone has there own style, design and theres always room for improvements. Recently I have been guilty of doing this on more than one occasion and it always makes me feel worse about my own blog. You have to remember that the bloggers your comparing yourself to have probably been in the blogging world for years and they also had to start somewhere. Look a blogs and Instagram posts for inspiration but just take them with a pinch of salt. Turn the comparison into motivation. -If you want to take insta worthy snaps on a boat somewhere hot and luxurious, work hard, save money and you’ll get there.- Anything is possible if you put your mind to it.



Put on a face mask and watch Netflix

Watching Netflix or reading a good book is essential when your not feeling your best. Put on your favourite pyjamas (loungewear) and face mask and take a step back for a bit, unwind and do something you love to help you relax. I’m currently 3 seasons deep into Gossip Girl, I just can’t stop watching it. Instead of reading blog posts, pick up a book and read that instead. Take your mind away from the blogging world, switch off and relax. I’m currently reading Pretty Honest by Sali Hughes, although it’s beauty related its an easy read and you can pick it up and start from anywhere.



Pinterest and Instagram

Being inspired will enable you to fall back in love with your blog again. Get back onto social media, I like to start with Pinterest; it’s easy, full of inspiration and motivation. Start pinning posts that truly inspire you, for me thats mostly photography and makeup, flatlay inspo really motivates me to try something new and adapt my photography style. I also like to go back to Instagram and find the accounts that are creative and full of inspiration, at the moment for me thats @EmShelx @InTheFrow @Kate.LaVie @LouTeasdale @Schullerinc @BeautyLookBook @DesiPerkins . Head over to insta and check out these accounts, I hope they make you feel as inspired as they do for me.



Fake tan and Polaroids 

When I’m having a down day I always slap on some false tan, everyone feels better with a tan, right? Theres something about being a bit more bronzed and glowy that makes you feel 100% more human, I’m currently using St. Tropez Express tan and then topping that up with the in shower tan. Polaroids always make me feel happier, they are snapshots of moments that I want to remember forever and looking back at them always brings back good memories. My most recent vacation to New York always inspires me, looking back at photos from that trip just makes me feel so happy.

I’m off to follow my own advise with Netflix and Instagram stalking.

Let me know if I have helped you with this post or if you have some of your own tips please let me know 🙂

Luc x


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